50% of global CO2 emissions are caused by heavy industries.

If CO2 emissions are not reduced by at least 50%, the global average temperature will rise by 2 degrees Celsius by 2050.


Already installed Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage Technologies promise to bring substantial breakthroughs in the mitigation of CO2 emissions. However, these technologies have primarily been used in gas processing or fertilizer production. Imagine the immediate results in CO2 emissions reduction that we would be able to see, if Carbon Capture was applied to heavy industries, which are responsible for 50% of global CO2 emissions.

This is exactly what e[gg]xcel is about!

Our vision is to introduce a Carbon Capture technology to heavy industries and thereby have an immediate impact on CO2 emissions reduction.

Our mission is to produce highly efficient, thermally stable, sustainable CO2-capturing sorbents from waste eggshells. Our target industries can become “greener” and reduce CO2 emissions cost.


First prize for our Project at the Mindspace University Finals Pitching Competition. Read more in our blog.


Why choose us?

Our solution l ies in the combination of efficiency, sustainability concerning both material selection and energy requirements, as well as low carbon footprint.

Zero waste, low footprint

We are using waste eggshells as feedstock, eliminating the need for landfilling. The application of the sorbent requires no additional energy consumption. Since most heavy industries already operate in high temperatures, the temperature of operation can be achieved via hot stream integration.

High efficiency

The sorption capacity of our product reaches 0.551 tn of CO2/tn of sorbent.

Regeneration ability

The high stability and regeneration ability of the sorbent ensures its long life cycle.